Saturday, 11 February 2017

Inspiration & motivation

I belong to a drawing and painting group which I find is a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation.  Melissa, our group facilitator, gives us some great hints and tips each week. I really like her suggestion of keeping a sketchbook journal and drawing something every day from our immediate environment - indoors or out. My subject today is this pairing of ceramics by Ronelle Clarke.

My mother-in-law is also a source of inspiration. I knew she painted in oils but only discovered at Christmas that she had tried water colours. This is a pen and water colour sketch of hers that I love.

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  1. I have a dozen of sketch books, you can find them everywhere in my life and I not only sketch but write ... sometimes just one word,it is always giving me smiles and inspiration looking into them. A good choice: Drawing is something I don´t want to miss in my life and I love what you are doing Jenn. Happy Birthday to you, ♥ thank you for beeing my friend and so dear to my heart, Manuela


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