Monday, 11 February 2013

News from the studio

 I have ignored this poor, lonely blog for far too long.

 I have been very busy organising our trip to Italy - coming up with an itinerary and then booking accommodation has taken up so much time that I've done little else. We will have 4 weeks in Italy and then 3 days in Germany for my nephew's wedding - I'm so excited I can hardly wait for May.

I have had time to play around with a few new ideas though. I have dozens of hand-dyed silk cocoons in beautiful colours and finally decided to make myself some earrings to match a silk top Bob gave me for Christmas. I liked these so much that I have decided to make them for sale at $35 per pair.
 Email me for available colours.

And some leather cuffs with changeable glass cabochons.
I don't make the leather cuffs. They come from a supplier in the UK - a clever glass worker who came up with the idea.

However, my favourite creation of the last few days has been this beautiful orange female nude.

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