Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sad Sunday

I'm sitting at home feeling very sad. Tonight it will be 4 weeks since my dearly loved mother passed away. I'm a bit teary and missing her very much as we always spent Sunday afternoons together when I didn't have a market to attend.

As well as remembering mum I'm also spending time trying to think of happier times and looking through photos. So, here are two I would like to share with you.
First one of mum's incredible embroideries - Flemish Flowers.

Second, a very happy day spent with Bob in Kyoto. Just as we were walking down these steps very light snow started falling.

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  1. Dear Jenn, I feel with you, your mum is surely smiling to you too from somewhere over the rainbow, knowing how much you loved her.

    I remember the pic of the amazing flowers you sent to me, she was so talented.

    Loving thoughts to you,
    ♥ Manuela


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