Saturday, 22 August 2009

News update

Well, I've been absent for ages again but I have excuses. I'm on jury service at the moment fulfilling my civic duty.

And.. I'm sick .. I have a nasty virus . I've been tested for Swine Flu and don't have it thank goodness. My doctor is trying to get me well by Monday so the trial can continue - I would hate to be the cause of a retrial. Luckily, we had Friday off as one of the legal counsel was not available!!

The weather is still glorious and I'm looking at a beautiful blue sky from bedroom window. I wish I could be out there in the garden.


  1. Thanks god it´s not the Swine Flu, take care dear Jen,
    Manuela sending all my good thoughts and best wishes.


  2. Thanks Manuela - you're so sweet. Two days on antibiotics and starting to feel better tonight.


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