Saturday, 22 August 2009

News update

Well, I've been absent for ages again but I have excuses. I'm on jury service at the moment fulfilling my civic duty.

And.. I'm sick .. I have a nasty virus . I've been tested for Swine Flu and don't have it thank goodness. My doctor is trying to get me well by Monday so the trial can continue - I would hate to be the cause of a retrial. Luckily, we had Friday off as one of the legal counsel was not available!!

The weather is still glorious and I'm looking at a beautiful blue sky from bedroom window. I wish I could be out there in the garden.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Experiments with a new technique & new glass

Here is my first try at the "bubble Bead" using brass mesh that many beadmakers are trying at the moment. And some test beads using the new Double Helix silver-laden glass "Ekho". This glass produces many colours and the most gorgeous mother of pearl lustre. I can't wait to make some real (not test) beads using this beautiful glass.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Market weekend....

What an amazing weekend - the weather was incredible - warm and sunny. Not at all like winter. I had a lovely time at the markets meeting the people who buy my beads and wearable art.

Something I've noticed of late is that people are more buying finished jewellery than beads. I wonder why this is so? Now I need to be disciplined and make more jewellery and felt pieces. I do so love to just make beads.

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