Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Inspiration comes in many ways and from many sources. At the moment I have a bit of a creative block so have been looking at photos. Here a few from our trip to Japan in 2008.
Beautiful Kyoto street
Temple garden, Kyoto & Feeding the deer, Nara


  1. Jenn - I loved walking around Kyoto and the gardens are spectacular.

  2. Dear Jenn,

    the photos are so beautiful, never been in Japan, it must be so beautiful.
    I have a lot of Art Books, the most of them are Paintings, a lot of ArtMagazines and I use to take a look to them or take a walk or visit a gallery, a museum etc. and get new inspiration.
    Sometimes I am getting a lot of ideas while cleaning my house especially cleaning my bathroom :-). It seems that boring activities are good for ArtInspiration LOL.
    I avoid looking to beads or lampwork books - they don´t boost my inspiration when doing this.
    Have a wonderful day, winter in Australia seems to be so beautiful.


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